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Measurement systems (bulbs)

Smooth processing starts with a measured supply. The Bunker Doseerelevator gradually brings large quantities to your line. This way you can combine transport and measuring, and so you work efficiently and your space is used optimally.

Quality maintenance

The flower bulbs end up on the elevator via the pit. The pit is a funnel with four sloping sides with raised edges. The sloping sides are provided with soft landing, so that the flower bulbs fall gently. The elevator is designed without support for maintaining the flower bulb. This way there is minimal risk of damage when falling.


The measurement from the pit can be easily adjusted with the measuring slider. As a result, more or fewer flower bulbs fall on the elevator belt simultaneously. The horizontal raised edges, the catches, ensure that the bulbs can easily be transported upwards without slipping.

Unique benefits:

  • Perfectly measured supply of flower bulbs
  • Quality maintenance of flower bulbs
  • Flexible measurement

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