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“The Optica proved itself after just one season”

Joachim Kamp and his brother Laurent are Optica pioneers. They were the first to use this optical sorting machine, at the Agro Kamp farm in the Noordoostpolder. It's proved to be such a success that they are ready to take the next step.

“We were looking for a modern form of technology to make our process for sorting potatoes more efficient, but with a high capacity,” says Joachim. “We couldn’t find a single machine that met these requirements. Then we met Gerben Schouten, director of Schouten, at a birthday party. His company was busy developing an optical sorting solution and Gerben was interested in our ideas. We became involved in the development of Optica. In 2013, the first small prototype was already being tested in our warehouse and we worked on the process of optimizing it together with the R&D department.

Two years later and we were using the first official Optica with ten tracks. The sorting machine proved itself after just one season. We were able to sort more potatoes in terms of seed size, scanning went much faster and our capacity was far greater in comparison to our traditional sorting machine. Thanks to these positive experiences, we are now ready for the next step. Our warehouse now has a brand-new, fully optimized Optica. With a bunker system and twelve tracks, which enables us to achieve a capacity of more than fourteen tons per hour. I am confident that this investment will pay for itself.”

Joachim Kamp and his Optica:

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Advantages of the Optica CS

Precise sorting

The Optica sorts to an accuracy of 98%. This way we sort more potatoes into the more expensive seed size which increases our yield.

Less costs

The cameras detect clods and a large proportion of the deformed potatoes, making the scanning process much faster. This saves costs.

Easy to operate

Setting sizes and outputs is very easy. And we have all kinds of templates, for batch repetitions.

More insight

The Optica automatically collects all kinds of data, which gives us more insight into the expected yield.

Product friendly

The measured separation with air prevents damage caused to our potatoes.

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